Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Endless possibilities: Square Edge materials

With the winter months fast approaching, now is the time you might be ready to start that woodworking project you've been talking about all summer. At Wightman Specialty Woods we stock a wide variety of northeastern hardwoods and softwoods to accommodate everyone from the professional cabinet maker to the do-it-yourself home owner.

Our S2S and S4S materials are available in a variety of dimensions and grades. Hardwood species include Basswood, Cherry, Hard Maple, Red Oak, Soft Maple, Hickory, Ash, Birch, Black Walnut and White Oak. Softwood species include Eastern white pine and Cypress.

The possibilities that square edge materials hold are truly endless. Our wood has been transformed into hand-carved cribs, intricate clocks, turkey calls, guitars, doll houses and so many more.

For those of you looking for larger quantities of S2S or rough materials, we also accept small lot wholesale orders (500 - 3,000 BF).