Thursday, January 29, 2009

Woodworking event!

Dear Woodworking Friends,

In preparation for our Annual Open House, October 2009, we would like to tell you about a new format we will be having for our woodworking event. This year, our woodworking event will be a combined silent auction in which woodworking pieces are submitted to our event, and each piece is auctioned off to individual bidders through a silent bidding process. The proceeds will be split between you, the woodworker, and The Ronald McDonald House of Albany. Wightman Specialty Woods will not keep any of the proceeds from the auction. The Ronald McDonald House is a wonderful charity that provides comfort and care to children and familes in need during difficult times.

All pieces must be made of wood except for joinery (hinges, etc) or handles. We will accept pieces of furniture, carvings, crafts, and miscellaneous woodworking pieces.

To learn more about this event please contact Naomi at 607.286.9201,

Happy Woodworking!