Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wood question of the week!

Which tool is used by a carpenter to shape and smooth wood?

a. Plane
b. Rasp
c. File
d. Spokeshave

Answer: All 4 of these tools may act to shape and smooth wood.

Plane: There are many different types of hand planes available to produce different types of cuts, but all planes contain a sharp blade that shaves off pieces of the wood into the cutter's desired shape.

Rasp: Rasps are used for shaping wood wherever a chisel might be too large or might create tear-out in a project. Rasps are found in flat, half-round, and round shapes and in a range of coarsenesses.

File: Files are basically rasps but offer a finer cut.

Spokeshave: Spokeshaves, which must be pushed or pulled with both hands, are used for shaping and smoothing rounded objects, such as spindles.