Monday, August 30, 2010

Local builder succeeds with Wightman's Custom-Joined!


Based in Latham, New York, Faddegon’s Building and Remodeling is an upscale residential construction and remodeling company that specializes in custom designs. Utilizing Wightman’s Custom-Joined paneling Faddegon’s delivers a one-of-a-kind ceiling to a valued client.

The Challenge
Quality construction is paramount in each of Faddegon’s projects. “We always strive to locate high quality, aesthetically pleasing materials for our customers that are easy for us to work with and fit into our clients budgets”, says owner and operator Jim Faddegon. The company employs a small yet highly skilled crew of craftsmen who are well versed in all aspects of building.

The Solution

Wightman’s solid wood materials have been the ideal solution for many of Faddegon’s projects. Strict quality controls throughout the manufacturing process as well as the ability to customize materials were key considerations for Faddegon when selecting Wightman’s products. “Being a small business owner myself I also like to source locally made products”, says Faddegon.

The company’s most recent project was a 2,000 square foot ceiling covered with Wightman’s select Cherry paneling. Wightman’s new “Custom-Joined” materials were chosen to allow for a quick and efficient installation.

“When consulting with Wightman’s on this project they offered us the Custom-Joined paneling as an alternative to a traditional random length paneling product. After some initial skepticism we decided to give the Custom-Joined a try. What a great product! The pre-assembled lengths allowed our crew to complete the ceiling in a much shorter amount of time, the boards were perfectly straight and the machined joints were tight and flawless”, says Faddegon. “Our client also saved on the cost of the project; since the paneling was manufactured to the exact length specifications of the ceiling there was no need to order extra materials to account for waste.”

“We feel that Wightman Specialty Woods is a proven and accomplished manufacturer of solid wood materials”, Faddegon claims. “They produce high quality products offered at reasonable prices and we feel confident using their materials for any of our customers”.