Tuesday, June 28, 2011

American Made Matters

From http://www.americanmadematters.com/ :

"Over 5.5 million manufacturing jobs have been lost in the US in the last decade. This has a “rippling effect” of four to five other jobs lost. That means, in total, there have been some 30 million jobs lost. In the last six years, over six million jobs have been outsourced. Many American factories have closed their doors and laid off their workers because they could not compete with lower cost producers. Many others have moved jobs offshore to survive and compete with lower-priced foreign made alternatives. Some have downsized to cut costs and survive in the face of reduced orders.

Today, American workers have to fight to keep their jobs. Only about 11 million people still make things in the US which is the lowest since 1941. American producers cannot compete on price but we can still compete on quality, safety, service, durability and speed to market. American workers and companies recycle money back into our economy. Please help to keep our jobs here in American by supporting American made products and companies."

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