Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Fever

Spring officially arrives in 4 days!  Though this winter has been extremely mild we are all undoubtedly looking forward to nature's spring awakening.

In dreaming of the many activities we will share outdoors here are some ways in which wood structures may add to the enjoyment of the spring and summer seasons!  

Decks:  One of the most popular outdoor wood structures, decks are synonymous with summertime relaxation.  As these structures are typically responsible for supporting a heavy load it is important that they are designed and constructed correctly. 

Arbors and Pergolas:  These versatile wood structures may serve many purposes from providing shade to an outdoor seating area to serving as a trellis in a garden.     

  Ash FlooringFences:  A wood fence enhances the aesthetics of any property.  Often used around gardens to keep out unwanted visitors, fences are also used to maintain privacy among neighbors or along busy streets.  

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