Thursday, May 31, 2012

A great time for siding!

The summer months provide the perfect opportunity to install siding on your home.  Obviously the warm weather is a key factor for the comfort of the installer but warmer temperatures are also critical when applying primer, stain and paint to unfinished siding.

Many oil based primers require minimum temperatures of around 50 degrees; latex stains and paints have similar temperature requirements.  Taking care to seal both the front and back side of the wood siding will ensure the proper protection of the wood.  Sealing the ends of each board is best to guarantee against any water penetration into the wood; caulking at joints will also achieve this goal.

Here is a Cypress siding installation in progress:

Unfinished Cypress clapboard

Primed and painted

Installation of clapboard and trim in progress at front entrance

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Rolf Matchen said...

House siding can stand up to sleet, snow, and rain for years and years; it won’t crack under intense heat from the sun, and it requires little, if any, maintenance. It can withstand bad weather without showing signs of wear and tear. All in all, I think it is good that you chose cypress as your siding, which is considered as one of the toughest trees.