Friday, August 23, 2013

Our forestry team brings extensive experience and expertise to the job.

Bob Williams stopped in and talked with Dan Wightman just after Wightman’s had purchased a tractor trailer about part time work. Part time lasted 2 weeks and Bob has been busy working full time driving the log truck for 13 years. Prior to working for Wightman’s Bob had 10 years of logging experience. 

Bob enjoys being on the road, seeing the country side and getting to meet many different people. In his spare time Bob enjoys singing as a member of Steppin Out, Barbershop Quartet and the Oneonta chapter of Midstatesman Chorus. Steppin Out will be performing at our annual open house on Oct. 5, 2013. Please plan to join us. 

Ben Williams has spent his adult life around logging and milling. After spending 10 years logging independently he joined Wightman’s starting out on the green chain (stacking lumber). He then moved in to the maintenance department, then to a logging crew. Around 5 years ago he returned mill to drive log trucks and do maintenance on the large trucks.

Ben tells me he enjoys being on the road and being outdoors. He does not mind the extreme weather conditions because he enjoys what he does so much. With 20 years experience he must love what he does.

The math:

Ben brings 20 years, Bob 23 years, Tom 14 years and Chris 18 years. A total year of experience for our forestry team is an amazing 75 years. Added this to the previously introduced employees we are now up to 330 years of experience. It is no wonder that Wightman Specialty Woods produces the top quality wood products!

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