Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Quality on grade lumber in high demand worldwide

What a change a week makes, starting the new year at near zero temps and below, and then bouncing into the 40's this week.  It's much easier on the equipment and workers with the milder temps, and hence we can increase production in the mill. We enter into 2014 with great enthusiasm as the lumber industry has rebounded from the past 5 year lull. The world wide demand for American hardwoods has increased at an amazing rate, thanks to the overall upswing in the global economy. Also, the on time shipping options provided by US suppliers is meeting the just in time inventory demands of manufacturers. We are able to support our customers in maintaining inventory levels while providing a steady supply of lumber for production. Recent upgrades to our sawmill are helping us meet the production needs.  With all this in mind, your standing timber value is at an all time high, making it an excellent time to consider harvesting your land. Everyone can use some extra cash these days. Give us a call today 607-286-9201 to get an evaluation of your forest lots. 

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