Friday, December 27, 2013

Holiday Party - 

Christmas Eve 2013 

On Christmas Eve we enjoyed the afternoon together and celebrated the holidays with a pig roast. We have many people to thank for the combined effort that made the event possible. The event was a true display of the strong community spirit and teamwork we share at Wightman Lumber and Building Supplies, Inc.

       Bob Tomazin supplied the roaster and the expertise to roast the pig. The night before Bob and Lance Holliday did the prep work to prepare for the roasting that would begin long before dawn on Christmas Eve. Anita Tomazin was also busy in her kitchen baking cookies, brownies, vegetable lasagna and chicken pot pie to complement the meal. At the same time next door Leah Foster was making fresh baked rolls by the dozen. Cyndi Miller coordinated the event and also prepared the salads, baked beans and boiled potatoes.  Bob Tomazin and Matt Wightman arrived at 5 am on the morning of Christmas Eve to light the fire and start the roasting process. By mid day the air was filled with the sweet smell of the meal that would be served. We finished the meal off with an amazing cake, which was topped with a hand sculpted chainsaw made by Caitlin Wightman.

                             The remarkable team work really exemplified what Wightman’s is all about as the retail area was transformed into a dining room. Thank you to the retail staff Pat Wightman-Yank and Marty Corsi for their time and effort provided to utilize the retail area. Cliff Clune provided the sound system and holiday music. We send out an enormous thank you to everyone who lent a helping hand to make this holiday meal possible.

Lastly a very important thank you to Dan and Dave Wightman, owners of Wightman’s for their holiday generosity!!!



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