Friday, December 13, 2013

Our grading shed staff brings great experience and expertise to the job. 

Each piece of wood contains different characteristics. Leah Foster has been working for Wightman Lumber for 16 years. She is the grader who reviews each piece of lumber to determine its potential value and use. After she evaluates and marks each board it is carried by conveyor to the pilers,

  Adam Moore, Tim Cooke and Zack Vandewerker, who place the dried sawn lumber in the appropriate cart for bundling. 


After sorting, pilling and bundling has occurred Bob Tamazin tallies each piece to determine the board footage of each pack.

What occurs in the grading shed is very important to insure that the lumber is sorted appropriately and inventoried accordingly. This group of employees bring another 49 years of experience to our group, bringing the total number of years of experience introduced to you so far to 419 years.

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