Friday, June 21, 2013

Cliff Clune - Whole Sale and Mill Safety Office

Cliff joined Wightman Lumber in August of 2012 and brought with him a wealth of experience and knowledge. Having started in the lumber business at the age of 18 he has grown with the industries for over 40 years. Cliff is a graduate of the National Harwood Lumber Association Inspection School in Memphis, TN. His years in the lumber industries have included lumber inspection, kiln operator, mill management, purchasing and sales. For a number of years he operated his own business, Clune Lumber, located in Otego, NY.   

Cliff shares that he enjoys the honest, hardworking and interesting people he has meet over the years. When I asked Cliff why he loves his job he told me, “After over 4 decades in the industry every day is still a learning experience.” He also shared that is his looking forward to spending many more years learning and meeting people. We are grateful for the knowledge, talents and experience that Cliff brings to the job.

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