Friday, June 28, 2013

Our retail sales representatives are Pat Wightman-Yank and Marty Corsi. Pat has been working here for 29 years. This only includes the years she as actually worked at the mill not the number of the years she has been around the family business.

Marty is on the go around the yard and available to help you make your wood selections.
He has been with us for 13 years. Marty said he has had the opportunity to work in almost every area of the mill to help him develop a strong understanding of the milling and grading processes. He shared with me that he has learned from everyone he has contact with and that often our customers bring new knowledge and perspective on product uses. Marty said that the number one thing he enjoys about his job at Wightman Specialty Woods is the really great customers he gets to meet everyday.

Together Pat and Marty add 42 years the organization. Joel Griffith adds 8 years and with Cliff Clune’s 44 we have introduced you to 94 years of experience and we are just getting started. As I continue to introduce our employees it will be amazing to find out how many years of know-how we have collectively.   

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